Jing Paul:Interactive Digital Stories in Chinese

Jing Paul, Assistant Professor of Chinese
Mellon-Funded Digital Faculty Fellow 2015-16
Tutor: Anastasia Owen

Reading in a foreign language can be a daunting task for learners. As a language teacher, I have always wished that my students can be engaged in reading Chinese. My project, “creating interactive digital stories in Chinese”, was born under this wishful thinking. What I had in mind was to present an interactive story that provides 2-4 possible endings for learners to choose from. When they choose a story path, it will lead them to that path’s particular ending. If we all read together in class, students would be able to decide the direction of the story.


I have put ten original Chinese stories (each with more than one ending) in separate PowerPoint slides. My next step is to add images (and perhaps sound effects) to the stories before the fall semester. It was quite magical to experience how an idea turned into a final product. I believe that the implementation of these interactive stories would help engage students in classroom reading activities and motivate them to put more effort in learning (because in order to be able to choose an ending that is interesting to them, they will have to understand the content first). In the meantime, the availability of various endings creates a sense of mystery. I am anxious to share theses interactive stories with my Chinese 101 and 201 classes in the fall semester.

You may find the work in progress of this project here.


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