John Pilger: Student Reflections/Imagery

John Pilger, Professor of Biology, Co-director of Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Mellon-Funded Digital Faculty Fellow 2015-16
Tutor: Bryn Bassett

The Marine Biology course that I teach on alternate summers is loaded with wonderful student experiences and great visual imagery of land and under water. These are all opportunities for students to reflect on and share these experiences with various audiences as well as to document field observations for research projects.I have an still frame underwater camera and a GoPro with a waterproof case that allows me to capture images. However, I lack the technical dexterity and digital literacy to creatively transfer and share these images, student reflections or data with other audiences or to guide students in how to incorporate their content into their D-portfolios. Therefore, Iwould like to learn how to use appropriate technologies in a way that they will efficiently integrate imagery, reflections and field data with (social) media for the education of the current students and for others who would take it in the future.

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